Donna Jacob

Reviewer (Senior Scientist ; Co-President of Wetlanders Consultancy, LLC)

評審委員(資深科學家、Wetlanders 顧問公司聯合總經理)



Donna Jacob received her BS from Beloit College and her PhD in wetland biogeochemistry from University College Dublin. She started her career with paleobotany research at the Smithsonian Institution and the Field Museum before beginning work with contemporary wetland ecosystems. She became a Research Assistant Professor, then Research Associate Professor at North Dakota State University. There she was Co-Director of the Wet Ecosystem Research Group and Co-Director of the North Dakota INBRE Metal Analysis Core. She currently is a Senior Scientist with an engineering firm and is Co-President of Wetlanders Consultancy, LLC. She has published over 30 peer-review articles and mentored  23 undergraduate students, four Master’s students, six PhD students, and a Postdoctoral researcher. She has done wetland fieldwork all across the Northern Great Plains, USA, and in Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, and Italy. She has been a member of SWS since 2003 and currently is a reviewer for the SWS Professional Certification Program applications.  She became a certified Minnesota Wetland Professional in 2015 and a Professional Wetland Scientist in 2016. She works with elementary and secondary students on community science outreach, with several native tribes to improve their wetland ecosystems, with landowners looking to restore wetlands, and she is a member of the Minnesota School Board Association.



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