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Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the Society of Wetland Scientists 2024 Annual Meeting in Taiwan. This conference, the first SWS annual meeting to be held in Asia, will take place in Taipei and Tainan, November 11-16, 2024. The SWS Asia Chapter, together with the Taiwan Wetland Society, have planned an exciting program around the theme, Wetlands and Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation. SWS 2024 will be an outstanding opportunity to hear from wetland researchers and professionals at the leading edge of blue carbon initiatives, net-zero emissions planning, sustainable resource use and development, community-led resilience planning, and wetland science more generally. The meeting features a wonderful array of field excursions to some of Taiwan’s most amazing wetlands – at a time of year when migratory waterbirds also congregate there!

It’s hard to imagine a better way to network and share ideas than experiencing Taiwan with wetland colleagues from around the world. I do hope to see you in Taipei, Taiwan.

Susan Galatowitsch
President, Society of Wetland Scientists.

Susan Galatowitsch


My fellow wetland colleagues,

I am excited to see you all in Taiwan for the 2024 Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, which will be co-hosted by the SWS Asia Chapter and the Taiwan Wetland Society. Collaboration with our partners across the globe is more critical today than it has ever been, with increasing threats to wetlands associated with climate change, development, and changing water resource management practices. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to connect with wetland scientists and practitioners from around the world to share our research as well as strategies for applying that research to inform management. The meeting will also feature amazing field trips to some of Taiwan’s most spectacular wetlands. This meeting also represents an important step for the society in building stronger international ties, expanding participation, and broadening our relevance. I hope you will plan to join me for what promises to be an exciting and unique experience.

Eric Stein
President-elect, Society of Wetland Scientists

Eric Stein

Important Dates

  • SWS 2024 Annual Meeting
    NOV 11-16, 2024


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