Tatiana Lobato-de Magalhães

Reviewer (Senior Scientist ; Co-President of Wetlanders Consultancy, LLC)




Dr. Tatiana Lobato-de Magalhães is a Research Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), QRO, Mexico, and has specialised in wetland research and education for more than 10 years, with a strong focus on ecology, landscape genetics, and distribution of aquatic plants. Her work includes research projects and teaching across the Americas, including the Amazon and Southern Brazil Highlands. She is an associate editor of an international book series (Wetland Eco logy, Management, and Conservation), scientific journals (Wetlands, Aquatic Botany), International Chapter Chair at the Society of Wetland Scientists (2016-2025) and Lead of the Wetland Environments Specialist Group of the Commission on Ecosystem Management of the IUCN. She published about 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles and the books 'Wetlands for Remediation in the Tropics' and 'Insights into Sustainable Management of Water and Wetlands in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Mexico.' Tatiana is recognized by the National System of Researchers in Mexico and certificated as a Professional Wetland Scientist by PCPSWS. She was awarded the Academic Merit medal by the UAQ, Jose Mariano Mocino medal by the Mexican Society of Botany, Distinguished Foreign Scholar by the International Association for Landscape Ecology, and Research Fellow Wetland Ambassadors by the Society of Wetland Scientists.



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